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Ring Name: Lince Dorado
Debut:September 26th,2016
Born:San Juan,Puerto Rico
Birthday:May 11, 1987
Mini Bio: is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler currently signed to WWE and performs under the Raw brand in the cruiserweight division. Dorado is, perhaps, best known for working for Chikara and several other independent promotions. His ring name is Spanish for "Golden Lynx".

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205 Live Results:November 7th,2018
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205 Live newcomer Mike Kanellis has joined forces with TJP to battle Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, and their first order of business was a tag match against Kalisto and Dorado.

TJP’s obsession with taking the masks from luchadors was on display early, as Kalisto prevented him from snatching another one.

Kanellis served as the muscle of his team, while TJP focused on technical and high-flying offense. As expected, the luchadors used their speed every chance they had.

This was a standard tag team bout. All four men looked good in the ring, but it fell short of what we know they are capable of as individuals. Kanellis’ limited experience fighting Kalisto and Dorado likely contributed to a lack of chemistry.

The longer the match went on, the more exciting it became. Dorado and Kalisto were especially impressive with some of the unique offense they utilized. TJP successfully removed The Golden Lynx’s mask, but he didn’t realize the luchador was prepared with a second mask.

The Lucha House Party scored the win, but the look on Maria Kanellis’ face after the match tells us this feud is not over.
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205 Live Results:July 31st,2018
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After the decision, Buddy Murphy comes out and lifts Kalisto to lawn dart him into the apron. Lince Dorado runs down the ramp and clips Buddy’s knee. The two Lucha House Party members superkick Murphy and celebrate.
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205 Live Results:July 24th,2018
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While 205 Live has been putting on some great matches recently, it has also used a lot of enhancement talents to give Superstars easy wins.

Kalisto and Lince Dorado were looking for a fight with Tony Nese this week, but they settled for two jobbers.

Even though an easy win can help someone who is just getting started, it makes no sense to use local talents to put over guys who have established themselves for the past couple of years.

Needless to say, this was over quick. Dorado and Kalisto picked up the victory.
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205 Live Results:May 29th,2018
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The first match of the night featured more action from 205 Live’s budding tag team division with Kalisto and Lince Dorado taking on The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher.

Drew Gulak has been feuding with Lucha House Party recently, so he was scouting the team with the commentators at ringside.

The pace of the match was quick while the luchadors were in control and slowed down when Kendrick and Gallagher took over.

Their contrasting styles led to this match having a little bit of everything, but something kept it from reaching its full potential. Everyone did a good job. It just felt like something was missing.

Gulak helped Kendrick and Gallagher get the victory by pulling Dorado off the top rope while the ref had his back turned, allowing Kendrick to put him in the Captain’s Hook.
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205 Live Results:April 3rd,2018
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Voiceover guy informs us Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa will get a chance to settle/continue their issues with Lucha House Party when they face Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado tonight. He hypes “The Best Kept Secret” Buddy Murphy’s match, then says we’ll get a special preview of Sunday’s Title Tournament final in New Orleans.

– Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik ends in a no contest after a brawl breaks out when Itami almost unmasks Metalik

Itami stats with Metalik and takes him down and lays in some kicks, but taking a bit too much time to jaw with Dorado lets the luchador take control, get a nearfall and make a tag. After another two count from a standing moonsault, Metalik back in. Hideo slips out of suplex for a tag. Tozawa with a flurry ending in a senton, but Metalik rolls him over in a crucifix for two. He answers a handspring back elbow attempt with a drop kick, then makes another tag. Itami knocks Dorado from the apron. A double-team move gets a nearfall, and another tag, followed by another.

Metalik eventually lands a drop kick after Hideo taunts for a bit too long once again. Dorado returns the favor, knocking Tozawa off the apron when he gets tagged in, then getting the better of some striking exchanges. He eventually sends Itami bouncing to the ground a handspring cutter. Lince, then Akira, then Metalik dive. Back in the ring, there’s some confusion about the legal man leading to a weak cover from Dorado. Metalik tags in and goes for his Driver, but Itami slips out and tries to get the mask off, leading to the match-ending brawl.

The post-bell fight is won by the Japanese wrestlers, and Hideo again targets Dorado’s knee.
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205 Live Results:March 21st,2018
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Lucha House Party accompanies Dorado to the ring as we get caught up on Itami targeting Gran Metalik’s knee in his tag win with Akira Tozawa over Lince and Metalik, and Dorado’s issue with it. Tozawa walks Hideo to the ring.

Itami controls things in the early going, but Dorado escapes a head lock to dump Hideo to the floor. He feints a dive to taunt and frustrate Itami, and remains in control back in the ring. A hurricanrana sends Hideo to the outside again, and this time Lince flattens him with corkscrew over the top rope. He celebrates on the announce desk, and takes Itami down with a shoulder and a head scissors. Hideo rolls him up for two out of a rest hold, and after a knee to the mid-section, puts Dorado on the floor with a Yakuza Kick.

After following him down and slamming him into the apron, Itami taunts Dorado with strikes, but answers with a kick off an Irish whip and another off a springboard. Big lariat from Hideo after dodging another slingshot manuever, but Lince answers with a superkick. Itami is sent outside again where the bickering with Gran Metalik triggers the DQ. Tozawa and Kalisto have to keep their teammates apart again as the feud continues.
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205 Live Results:February 20th,2018
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205 Live has solely focused on the ongoing tournament in recent weeks, so it was nice to see a tag team match break up the action a bit, even if it did feature two enhancement talents.

Surprisingly, the jobbers managed to get in a bit of offense throughout the match, but they were quickly overcome by Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik’s speed and agility.

The bout was over in about three minutes thanks to a Shooting Star Press from Dorado. He always hits the move perfectly and this was no exception.

The only problem with matches like this is they never last long enough to make the crowd think the unknown opponents have even the smallest chance of winning.
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205 Live Results:February 6th,2018
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The first match from 205 Live saw occasional teammates Kalisto and Lince Dorado battle in another first-round match in the ongoing Cruiserweight Championship tournament.

The two masked warriors are close in height and weight, so neither competitor was at a size disadvantage for the first time in their respective WWE careers.

Fans of CMLL, AAA and the cruiserweight division from WCW were likely thrilled to see a matchup like this because these Superstars are the epitome of lucha libre wrestling.

The crowd responded to all of their big spots with chants of “This is awesome,” but only one man could advance in the tournament.

Dorado hit a beautiful shooting star press, but Kalisto was able to roll out of the ring to avoid the pin. The Lucha Dragon picked up the win with a reverse hurricanrana followed by his patented Salida del Sol.
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Royal Rumble Results:January 28th,2018
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The luchadores delivered a tremendous triple moonsault spot off the top turnbuckle and ring post, which served as the brightest moment in the early portion of the two-segment match. Kalisto eventually got the hot tag and rolled a pinning combination into the Salida Del Sol, pinning TJP for the victory. TJP pushed Gulak and Gallagher after the match but cameras cut away. The action was solid at points but nothing in particular to crow about.
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205 Live Results:January 23rd,2018
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The first match of the night saw all three masked cruiserweights join forces to battle TJP, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik use a similar style, but TJP, Nese and Daivari represent three different forms of wrestling. TJP uses his quickness, Nese is a powerhouse and Daivari is a brawler.

The pace was quick from start to finish, so the action was fun and exciting even if a few moments felt rushed. Kalisto had a couple of sloppy spots due to everyone going a little too fast.

The final few minutes of the match saw the luchadors pull out all the stops. All three men hit several high-flying moves to get the crowd hyped up before Dorado won the match with a back handspring stunner on TJP.
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