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Ring Name: Lince Dorado
Debut:September 26th,2016
Born:San Juan,Puerto Rico
Birthday:May 11, 1987
Mini Bio: is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler currently signed to WWE and performs under the Raw brand in the cruiserweight division. Dorado is, perhaps, best known for working for Chikara and several other independent promotions. His ring name is Spanish for "Golden Lynx".

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205 Live Results:November 7th,2018
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205 Live newcomer Mike Kanellis has joined forces with TJP to battle Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, and their first order of business was a tag match against Kalisto and Dorado.

TJP’s obsession with taking the masks from luchadors was on display early, as Kalisto prevented him from snatching another one.

Kanellis served as the muscle of his team, while TJP focused on technical and high-flying offense. As expected, the luchadors used their speed every chance they had.

This was a standard tag team bout. All four men looked good in the ring, but it fell short of what we know they are capable of as individuals. Kanellis’ limited experience fighting Kalisto and Dorado likely contributed to a lack of chemistry.

The longer the match went on, the more exciting it became. Dorado and Kalisto were especially impressive with some of the unique offense they utilized. TJP successfully removed The Golden Lynx’s mask, but he didn’t realize the luchador was prepared with a second mask.

The Lucha House Party scored the win, but the look on Maria Kanellis’ face after the match tells us this feud is not over.
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